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Astromas – Massage Your Astrological Personality

Astromas Massage Oils

Astromas Massage Oils ... Massage Your Astrological Personality

ASTROMAS MASSAGE OILS …… Massage Your Astrological Personality

Helen Hammond and Jude Robinson have been working together for well over a month developing a new range as part of a true joint venture. We believe these aromatherapy products to be the first of their kind.

We are therefore very proud to introduce to you a very unique and different range ….. ASTROMAS, a range of massage oils that have been blended with the characteristics of your Astrological Star Sign in mind.

This has been a most enjoyable joint venture between Jude of Iona Cosmetics and Helen of Scentsible Solutions. After jointly researching the individualities of each birth sign, our gorgeous range of massage oils have then been hand blended by our Qualified Aromatherapist, Helen, to create a unique massage oil. These massage oils aim to promote your positive star sign characteristics and alleviate any negativity.

For example, our ‘Gemini’ blend – Connect The Twins:

Some might say Geminis are an entanglement of paradoxes but the truth is that they have an easy acceptance of opposites. Gemini world is one of duality. It is like they see the world through a radio and the Gemini can tune experiences and points of view in and out as their interests change. They are curious, talkative, versatile and mentally active. Some will think Geminis are fun to be with, but the ability to alter with the changing winds can also lead to others seeing them as shallow. Geminis can have one twin who is outgoing, friendly and helpful with the second twin enjoying their own company, thoughts and personal space which can cause internal conflict.

Our ‘Gemini’ blend of oils helps to create an aura conducive to a harmonious connection of any internal emotional conflict. This blend contains the essential oils of Melissa, Roman Camomile, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine.

Another example is our ‘Pisces’ blend – Soothe and Comfort:

Pisceans have an instinctive connection with life beyond space and time. They are spiritual in nature and emotional in expression. They are adept at helping people less fortunate than themselves. Pisces intuition and imagination are at once their strengths and their weaknesses, they relish exploring their fantasy land to escape everyday stresses and strains. That said, without foundation of reality, it becomes easy to flounder and to lose direction.

Our ‘Pisces’ blend creates an environment to explore the imagination through relaxation whilst remaining grounded. This blend contains the essential oils of Lavender, Neroli, Frankincense, Roman Camomile, Patchouli, Ginger and Ylang Ylang.

A further example is our ‘Scorpio’ blend – Love and Positivity:

Scorpions need to delve beneath appearances to reality, nothing superficial will do. They have a magnetic personality which draws others towards them. A Scorpio will be ecstatic when someone merges their feelings with their own however they can become cold and withdrawn when hurt in love. Scorpions have the magic to light up the dark, but sometimes they would benefit by looking at the positive side of things rather than going into the darkness at all. Softening the sting of a Scorpio and they are extremely loyal to those they care for and will not forget a kindness or grievance and will willingly repay either ten times over.

Our ‘Scorpio’ blend brings positive feelings of light and love and helps soften any negativity that may exist. This blend contains the essential oils of Sandalwood, Lavender, Cypress, Rose, Geranium, Marjoram and Clary Sage.

Each massage oil contains 100ml of oil and is gift wrapped in its own satin effect purple drawstring pouch. All for only 7.50 GBP each and we offer speedy worldwide dispatch.

All oils can be purchased online from or

We do offer wholesale prices, please contact Jude ( or Helen ( for more details.

We hope you will agree that this is a fantastic way for you to relax and also an unusual and unique personalised gift for your loved ones.



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