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Go Cosmetics – Foundations For Your Face

Foundation forms the basis of your makeup

Foundation forms the basis of your makeup


I’d love to introduce you to some foundation products, great quality without the high price tag. Go Cosmetics is a fairly new range which is up and coming in the cosmetic market. In addition, below are a few hints and tips on foundation application to give you a flawless skin

Go Cosmetics is gaining popularity on a daily basis. Just check out Youtube for lots of makeup tutorials using this make of cosmetics. The manufacturers of Go Cosmetics have been in existence for more 7 years here in the UK. This is new in terms of the makeup market however the manufacturers have been in the business for 25 years.

I have been fascinated and passionate about makeup since I was a teenager raiding my mums make-up bag. Although those days are a long time ago, the fascination with make-up remains.

I have been so impressed with Go Cosmetics – fantastic quality without the high price!

….and don’t just take my word for it, check out the Testimonials below….

There's no need for foundation all over your face

There is no need to apply foundation all over the face

Some Tips On Foundation Cosmetics

Iona Cosmetics have so many Foundation Cosmetics from Go Cosmetics to help make your skin blemish free and glow with vitality. Here’s just a few tips on application:

1. Start with a clean, moisturised face. Dab dots of concealer on undereye circles or blemishes (try our Go Light Reflecting Concealer). Dab the concealer into place (never rub). Makeup artist Bobbi Brown suggests using concealer before foundation because you won’t use as much foundation if you conceal problem spots first. There’s no real rule to whether you apply foundation or concealer first.

2. Dot your foundation cosmetics on red spots or uneven areas of skin (usually the chin, along or on the nose, under the eyes and the corners of the mouth). Again, do not cover the entire face, your goal is to achieve an even skin tone.

2. Moving from the inside of your face outward, blend the foundation into skin. You can use your fingers, a nylon brush or a wedge sponge.

3. Blend at the hairline and jawline to avoid the mask look.

4. Finish off the look with a powder. Carry blotting papers for any oils that creep up over the day, instead of packing on the powder

One of the Mineral Foundations from Go Cosmetics

One of the Mineral Foundations from Go Cosmetics

Foundations from Iona Cosmetics

Go Cosmetics Mineral Powder Foundation

Cosmetic technology has undergone a minor revolution with Mineral Powders working wonders in every climate. Mineral Powder makeup can be used by anybody with any type of skin. As there is no talc in these mineral powders, made of natural materials, it helps to retain the moisture and hydration and does not clog pores. You only need very little of this powder and it will go a long way, one pot will last ages. This really is amazing value for money, other leading manufacturers can charge £30 for Mineral Powders of equal quality. Our Go Cosmetics Mineral Powders can be bought at an amazing price of £9.99.

Go Cosmetics One Stop Foundation with Lift

This product is available in four different shades of beige from light to dark. A fantastic formulation which gives you excellent coverage. This no transfer foundation with lifting effect leaves your skin feeling soft and beautiful all day long. High quality product at a great price.

Go Cosmetics Total Cover Foundation for Asian and African Skin Tones

Total Cover Foundation shades are designed for Asian and African skin tones. This gorgeous relatively new item to Go Cosmetics comes in four new shades which are No. 5 Espresso, No. 6 Warm Walnut, No. 7 Almond, and No. 8 Warm Almond. Applies beautifully, helps to leave your skin looking flawless and smooth.

Go Cosmetics Mousse Foundation

This is a gorgeous rich creamy mousse foundation in four different shades, numbering from 1 to 4 from light beige to darker beige. These gorgeous foundations adapt to any skin type and come in a stunning gold effect tub. They go on smoothly and dry almost like a powder for a matt finish.

Go Cosmetics Total Cover Foundation

This gorgeous item comes in four top selling shades which will adapt to all skin types Soft Beige, Honey Beige, Natural Beige, and Deep Beige. It is easily applied and gives great coverage for skin discolouration and imperfections.

What The Folks Say About Iona Cosmetics

“WOW!!! This site is amazing, the service is fantastic and arrive as if delivered by hand x The staff have been soo helpful with advising me on products that suit my skin tones and life style x The products are superb, beautifully packaged and the prices well, they speak for themselves. Fab products at amazing prices – you know how to make this girl happy :o)))) x keep up the good work Iona x x x”

Clara from Portsmouth

“I have ordered several times from Iona Cosmetics now and they are by far the best make up website around. Brilliant quality products at excellent prices. The delivery is speedy and the owner is very friendly and helpful. I’d definitely recommend this website to anyone with an interest in make up. 10 out of 10!”

Christie from Fife

“Wow that’s all I can say, the products on this site are as good as all the leading brands at low cost prices!

Joanne from Liverpool

“I have purchased cosmetics from this website, the products are excellent value for money and the delivery service was lightning fast. I will be purchasing from this new website in the very near future.”

Yvette from Middlesex

“Thank you for all the help you have given regarding Go* Cosmetics. Hope all goes well with your new site. Will order again soon, thanks again.”

Rose from Bristol

“I ordered some eyeliners for a friend at Christmas, it arrived very quickly and was packaged wonderfully in a nice pouch. My friend was really really pleased with them. Thank you.”

Clare from Cambridgeshire

“I’ve been a customer of Iona Cosmetics for over 6 months now and find them to be extremely professional, efficient and speedy! The quality of all of the products is very high and I am very pleased with the final finish! I absolutely love the diamond lip glosses, and eye gels (which come in various shades).”


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